Citikitty Reviews

Every cat owner knows that toilet training our precious felines can be a frustrating task. Letting them out every time they need to go is not an ideal option every time, especially if you live in the city or in a high-rise apartment – there’s just no available grass, sand, or soft soil that cats prefer. When cats fail to find a preferred place where they are comfortable, some felines hold it in for days at a time, crying and acting uneasy until they lose control and mess everywhere. When no sand or soil is available, cats will do their thing just about anywhere, on the softest thing they know – your carpet, your couch, and may even be your bed!


The next best thing to real sand is the ever popular litter box. The litter box is the most widely-used, handy indoor disposal system for cats. It emulates the natural texture and feel of sandy soil which keeps the cat doing her thing there each and every time. But with all of kitty’s coming and going from her sand-patch substitute, the need to clean up after her is always present. Let’s be frank, people, nobody likes cleaning up cat poo. Even worse, cats tend to dig into litter boxes, scattering messy litter crumbs all along the litter box area. All this digging debris from the litter box is very unsanitary – cats as we know love jumping onto our laps, on couches, on beds, and even kitchen countertops. Remember that those soft little paws are the same soft little paws that the cat uses when digging through the litter box – nasty!

Another option is toilet training the cat – but this task is nearly impossible (although hilarious). Making the cat use the toilet only means less mess, no more sandy litter all over the floor, and no more clean ups after. If only kitty toilet training was easy. But you can make toilet training easy for you and your cat with an amazing product that’s been buzzing in the cat care world as of late – the CitiKitty!

What is CitiKitty?

CitiKitty is the next generation feline potty training kit that assures your cat will learn to use the toilet in a matter of weeks. It’s about time you ditch the dirty litter box, forget about cleaning up, and use the City Kitty. The City Kitty Toilet Training Kit uses an ingenious, proven toilet training technique called “the disappearing litter box technique”. This technique has successfully toilet trained cats for decades, and the CitiKitty just made it more convenient for everyone.

How Does Citi Kitty Work?

CitiKittyAs stated above, the City Kitty Toilet Training Kit utilizes the disappearing litter box technique. This technique involves you placing the cat’s familiar litter box onto the toilet, then gradually removing or lessening the litter box until your cat does not realize that she’s using a litter box no more, and is instead using the more convenient toilet!

The unique construction of the CitiKitty Toilet Training Kit features a five step gradual transition from litter box to toilet. It features a 5 ring panel where each ring can be removed along the various stages of kitty toilet training. At the first stages of potty training, the City Kitty starts with a full covered litter box, which essentially looks like a litter box cover for your toilet. Remove each sized ring (which gradually increases the size of the toilet opening) during the training process until your cat naturally uses the toilet without the familiar and preferred cat litter.

The whole toilet training process will ideally take about 5 weeks. But if your cat finds it hard to learn, the unique construction of the City Kitty allows you to move backward in the transition process giving your cat a lot more room and time to learn. Patience, my friend.

Plus, the Citi Kitty is guaranteed to fit every toilet today. So you won’t have to worry about the CitiKitty dropping into your toilet!

Should I Use the CitiKitty to Litter Train My Kitten?

To be frank, no, the CitiKitty is not the best litter option for the small kittens. The CitiKitty Toilet Training Kit is appropriate for kittens aged 3 months and older. (Kittens are more likely taught by their mothers to use litter boxes anyway).

What about using the City Kitty for old cats? Definitely! You can teach old cats new tricks with the City Kitty! Young, old, big, or small, the City Kitty Toilet Training Kit is best for all! Plus, multiple cats can use a single City Kitty during one training period, or even at the same time.

Where Can I Purchase My Own Citi Kitty?

The CitiKitty Toilet Training Kit is available anywhere, but it’s best purchased through the product’s official website For a tremendously affordable price of $24.98, your CitiKitty purchase will include the following items:

 CitiNip – premium, naturally-grown catnip that can motivate your cat to learn faster!
 A Training Insert that lets you transition forward and backward through the training process.
 An easy to follow, step-by-step, instruction manual written by cat experts.
 An Insider Tip Card that answers all your kitty toilet training questions. And,
 The CitiKitty training seat that works with every cat size and age, and toilet size and shape as well!